The worldwide roll out of covid vaccines has been widely accepted by many nations. A large majority of people around the globe are now partially or fully vaccinated with numbers continuing to grow day by day. With vaccination rates on the rise, various industries that were once shut down, including fitness centers, hospitality, office workspaces and even schools have or are in the process of reopening their doors to the public and to their facility. Restrictions are slowly being loosened as the economy builds itself up again. But with once strict sanitization protocols set into place, one may ask themselves…

If these cleaning measures are still necessary if the majority of the population is fully vaccinated?

Should businesses continue to follow firm COVID-19 cleaning regimens if their patrons are double vaxxed?

Below we will explore this topic further and help answer all questions pertaining to businesses and industries most at risk. The tips and information presented below will help these sectors navigate their way through reopening during a time where most of their clientele may now be impartial to the virus.


Fitness Facilities

Gyms and fitness centres also face an uncertain future with the virus still among us. Since vaccination rates are on the rise, many of these establishments have been able to welcome their members once more. However, though exercisers may be fully vaccinated, it is still essential to ensure the health and safety not only for members, but for staff as well.

As mentioned, those who are fully vaccinated can still carry and spread the virus. This is why now, more than ever, it’s critical to ensure sanitization standards are being met in order to avoid more lockdowns going forward. Let’s face it, sometimes exercisers forget to wipe down and clean their machines before and after each use, even if a sanitization product is readily available. Therefore, another way to help reduce the spread of covid is to have all members sanitize their hands thoroughly before entering the fitness facility and touching any equipment. Blue Magic has a solution for this with our hero hand sanitiser SANI-GEL which kills 99.9% of germs fast and effectively.

All patrons, despite vaccination status, can feel more at ease knowing everyone’s hands are completely cleaned before touching any of the machines on the premises, ensuring the virus is kept at bay.


Hospitality Venues

An industry that was also hit hard by COVID-19 was bars and restaurants, especially when it came to customers dining in. At one point, eating establishments were forced to remove their dining tables and only offer take-out or deliveries. Clubs and bars were shut down entirely. Due to this setback, many of these businesses lost substantial revenue as their establishments were impaired by mandates instilled by governments. Now with the reopening of this industry, restaurants, clubs and bars can once again allow their clients to safely dine-in and mingle.

However, it seems for the time being a dine-in option is reserved only for those who are fully vaccinated. Patrons who choose to dine-in are required to show proof of vaccination status in order to stay in and remove their masks. Even though these customers are now safely following protocols, one may ask if stringent cleaning and sanitization is still necessary for this industry? The short answer is yes. In fact, there is no greater time to continue to implement a rigorous cleaning routine. Data has shown that despite vaccines significantly reducing COVID hospitalizations and peak illness, breakthrough cases still do occur. Masks are unavoidable in these settings, so it is key to ensure surfaces are thoroughly cleaned between patrons' visits.

Blue Magic offers a solution to this predicament with SANI-SPRAY. Killing 99.9% of germs, it is made to efficiently sanitize all hard surfaces and leave behind an invigorating citrusy smell. Even without the pandemic, these establishments should always be focusing on proper health and safety regulations as inspections are frequent. An effective surface cleaner is therefore required at any point in time.


Offices & Schools

Another industry that has been widely affected by the pandemic is shared office workspaces, including schools and education institutions. Public spaces where many employees or students attend can leave an uneasy feeling for all persons despite being partially or fully vaccinated. With many people walking through these premises, germ residues can be left lingering on floors and other high traffic areas.

Blue Magic has created the perfect product and resolution for these industries with a hospital-grade sanitizing cleaner called SANI-FLOOR. Germs are eliminated when mopped with this product since it contains an active key ingredient known as “Benzalkonium Chloride”, which is recommended by the World Health Organisation as it provides a hospital grade strength clean. It is specifically formulated to effectively disinfect floors and hard surfaces and can even be diluted for lighter cleaning. Even if all students or workers are fully vaccinated, heavy traffic can make any person more susceptible to catching or passing on the virus. With a floor and surface cleaner that is efficient enough to kill 99.9% of germs without leaving residue behind, schools and workplaces can safely remain open and offer a permanent solution to this ongoing issue.


The Takeaway

It goes without saying that even though restrictions are being loosened with global rollouts of the covid vaccine, the virus is still a cause for concern. No business or industry wants to see their doors shut again. Ensuring these industries can remain open while keeping the general public safe and healthy is the ultimate solution going forward. When combining vaccines with continued sanitation and rigorous cleaning practices, everyone from around the world can breathe easier knowing we are heading in the right direction. Therefore, it is still critical to implement proper sanitization protocols with these solutions we have outlined.