Tips For Gyms and Fitness Centers

According to IHRSA, The Global Health and Fitness Association, it is estimated that the fitness industry has lost approximately $13.9 billion in revenue from mid-March 2020 to August 31 2021. This industry has never been more impacted throughout history. As a result, it is imperative that gyms, fitness centers and other businesses affected by COVID-19 ensure all health and safety standards are being met in order to remain open for business. Below we discuss the best tips and products for gyms and other establishments.

Create a COVID Cleaning Plan
Despite which industry your business operates under, having a cleaning protocol will ensure the safety of your clients. This plan should be placed in an area where staff members have easy access to so they can refer to it as often as needed. Be sure to detail which areas need to be cleaned, how often it needs to be done and which supplies should be utilized for such. It may also be in your best interest to have a separate cleaning plan for gym members to follow. For instance, having public signage that reads “Please ensure your face mask is worn at all times when not using fitness equipment and sanitise your hands upon entry.” Installing an auto hand sanitiser station is an ideal solution to make sure members are following these instructions. Blue Magic supplies an Automatic Hand Sanitation Station that is made from a durable Australian steel stand. It’s also fully customizable to include any business’ logo and works wonders when paired with our SANI-HAND product. This liquid sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs while leaving hands feeling moisturised and with a pleasant citrus fragrance. It is the best way to have absolute hand hygiene in your establishment as there’s no need for generic and small-scale pumping hand sanitisers any more.

Wiping Down Equipment Surfaces
It goes without saying that all equipment, surfaces and other high traffic areas are constantly being contaminated by public use. For gyms, the most frequently touched areas include the following:

  • Doorknobs and handles
  • Fitness machine’s display monitors
  • Fitness equipment handles
  • Weights, dumbbells and mats
  • Bathroom facilities

In order to safely remain open for business, these surfaces need to be thoroughly disinfected before and after every member uses these common areas. Blue Magic’s product VIRA SAN is a hospital-grade disinfectant spray. This product creates an ideal synergy using benzalkonium chloride and hydrogen peroxide. These two active ingredients significantly reduce the spread of bacteria, germs and viruses. VIRA SAN has been proven to kill the spread of COVID-19 in 60 seconds and is TGA Approved (ARTG #340431). In addition, it’s safe to use on most surfaces including plastic, stainless steel, and glass. It is the ideal product to have in stock at your fitness facility and can be utilized by staff and members throughout operating hours.

Although people aren’t touching the floors with their hands, floors are a breeding ground for germs, especially in a gym setting. Patrons are sweating and walking on the floor and even laying down mats. As a result, the ground needs to be mopped thoroughly and regularly to counteract the spread of viruses and germs. Blue Magic’s SANI-FLOOR cleaning solution kills 99.9% of germs and is formulated to meet hospital-grade standards. It will leave rubber walkways, tiles, and gym training areas clean and smelling refreshed with a eucalyptus scent. We recommend mopping all floors, including washrooms, training areas and front reception with SANI-FLOOR, ideally at the end of the working day before closing. If your fitness facility is open 24/7, choose a time with fewer gym-goers to ensure you get a deep clean at least once a day.

Stocking Up On Supplies
During these uncertain times, every business needs to ensure that all cleaning and sanitizing supplies are thoroughly stocked on a regular basis. Don’t let shipping delays, reduced operating hours and fewer staff affect your deliveries and stock levels. It is critical to ensure you have plenty of cleaning and sanitizing products stored in your gym or business to avoid running out of stock. Blue Magic's entire business is focused on cleaning and sanitizing products. We recommend always having products on hand, especially items such as SANI-SPRAY as it is multi-purpose and multi-functional. A best-seller for a reason, it kills 99.9% of germs and is intended to be used on all hard surfaces, including floors. In addition, it was developed with fitness facilities in mind as it will not damage any equipment.

Using a QR Code System For Checking-In
A great way to ensure the safety of fitness members is to utilize a QR code system for checking in. It limits the amount of exposure needed at front reception and diminishes the need to exchange membership cards. In addition, the QR code can act as a disclosure to all patrons, indicating that if they have any symptoms of COVID-19 to not enter the premises. With the legality in check, your gym can run smoothly. Another great thing about QR codes is that the information displayed on the scan can be modified if and when your establishment needs to update or alter it to reflect changing by-laws. In addition, it can be very useful to track your members' time spent inside your establishment as well as keeping tabs on overall traffic to your center.

What are some practices that your gym or business has been following with new COVID safety protocols? Have you ensured that cleaning and hygiene standards are being met using the highest quality products? If you are uncertain about which products to use, Blue Magic offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so should our cleaning product not meet your expectations for any reason, you can return for a full refund. We are that certain that your business will love each and every one of our products.

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