The beginning of 2020 proved an uncertain and unprecedented time for many individuals and businesses around the world. We saw global lockdowns affecting big and small businesses alike, especially industries relating to fitness, hospitality, office workspaces, and beauty.

As we approach the end of 2021, businesses have begun to reopen their doors to the public, but the virus still looms. With that being said, proper sanitation is key to ensuring these industries can remain open in a safe environment, ensuring the health of their staff and patrons. Cleanliness and sanitation play an important role for economic prosperity around the world.

So how can businesses ensure proper sanitation for their customers in order to remain open and safe?

What should clients be on the lookout for to know a business is following proper protocol?

Below you will find some of the top tips to ensure cleanliness for businesses hit hardest by the pandemic.


Fitness Facilities

One of the industries affected most by the pandemic has no doubt been gyms and fitness centres. Exercising in a public setting, maskless, with members using shared machines means germs may be more transmissible.

One of the best ways to counteract the virus is to sanitize and wipe down each machine before and after use with a germ-killing spray. This practice should be adhered to by all gym members when exercising in a fitness center. Blue Magic SANI-SPRAY specializes in machine sanitization. This product ensures that germs and viruses are eliminated while preserving the longevity of the fitness machines since it will not cause damage to any equipment. It’s a win-win for all. This is why sanitizer sprays are the most effective and best-selling product for gyms.

Before exercising, gym members should spray the provided sanitizer onto an industrial strength paper towel, making certain that it is fully saturated. Use the saturated paper towel to wipe down the surface of the machine being sure to apply the sanitizer spray directly to areas most commonly touched, such as equipment handles, weight lifts, screens and any buttons. If applied correctly, 99.9% of germs will be eliminated on these surfaces which can ensure clientele can remain at ease while getting their workouts in.


Beauty Salons

A trip to the salon was once a frequent and relaxing routine for many patrons. This industry has always tried to adhere to proper sanitation standards well before the pandemic with their own health and safety regulations set in place. Since the beginning of 2020, many beauty salons, spas and barbershops have been forced to close their doors due to close contact and fear of spreading germs.

Since this sector has now begun to reopen, employees and clients want to feel 100% safe with the utmost hygiene policies put into motion beyond their regular cleaning protocols. As a result, surface cleaners and refreshers have been widely implemented in this industry. A best-selling product for health and beauty businesses is Blue Magic’s ISO CLEAN sanitizer spray. Containing 70% isopropyl alcohol with a zesty lemon scent, it is an effective antimicrobial cleaner. A product that kills germs on skin and surfaces without the need of water should always be utilized in a health and beauty setting. 

ISO CLEAN is quick drying and safe to use on almost anything, including hands! A pro-tip for this industry is to thoroughly sanitize surfaces, tools and hands as often as possible since close contact and skin-to-skin touch may occur with a haircut, beard trim, facial, manicure, etc. Since employees may have little time between clients when booked back to back, it is crucial that workers utilize any time gaps to spray down their stations, tools and hands before taking on their next client. By using a product such as the ISO CLEAN spray, every person can feel hygienic, refreshed and safe.

When visiting a salon or barber shop, always be sure that the station, tools and employees hands have been fully cleaned before commencing with a service. If hands have not been disinfected ensure that a new pair of disposable gloves are worn by the staff member before contact is made.


A Few Extra Tips

Another great tip for any business is to have shoppers sanitize their hands upon entry. Let’s face it, customers love to browse and touch products before purchasing. Even if products are not handled, doorknobs, payment machines and other surfaces are frequently touched by many. Blue Magic offers a SANI-GEL hand sanitizer which kills 99.9% of germs and is specifically formulated to leave your hands feeling safely sanitised, moisturised and has a pleasant fragrance. Therefore, it’s safe for repeated use, ensuring employees can frequently use the product after coming into contact with cash, commonly touched areas, etc. without being harsh on the skin. As a customer, always be sure to sanitize your hands upon entry into any business.

Besides surfaces and commonly touched areas, floors can be subject to germs laying dormant. It is recommended to clean floors once a day with an industrial strength cleaner. Blue Magic’s  SANI-FLOOR “Disinfectant Floor Cleaning Concentrate” kills germs when used to mop floors. Be sure to look for a key active ingredient in floor cleaners called “Benzalkonium Chloride”, which is recommended by the World Health Organisation since it is a hospital grade strength disinfectant. An effective floor cleaner product should thoroughly sanitize and leave a streak-free shine. As a customer, be sure that floors seem clean and report any visible spillage to an employee.


The Takeaway

If equipment, tools, floors, hands and surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and repeatedly during a working day, the spread of the virus can subside and businesses can remain open for good. Following these tips and tricks can allow customers and workers to feel safe while shopping, exercising, being out on the job and in any other given situation.


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