We all know gym members will pay good money to exercise in a clean, functional, well-stocked and safe facility. But what exactly are their expectations around hygiene?

Particularly in a COVID19 world, members’ hygiene expectations are rising, especially when it comes to the gym! Gyms have been touted one of the hotspots for the Coronavirus to spread, and as a result people are more aware than ever of the possibility of germ and bacteria infestations, and the potential spread of illnesses and viruses in these environments.

A study commissioned in 2016 by a gym equipment company observed the cleanliness of equipment at different gyms, finding free weights were home to 362 times the number of germs found on the average toilet seat. They discovered that treadmills hosted 74 times more bacteria than a tap in a public bathroom, and exercise bikes had 39 times more bacteria than a food court tray.

Though many public venues are hotspots for various types of bacteria, fitness facilities in particular can be infested with germs. Think about the number of people who pass through your doors each day… Now, think about how many pieces of equipment each of those people are touching! It should come as no surprise that without proper hygiene practices in place, this can become a dangerous, risky environment. And you definitely do not want your members to perceive your facility in this way!


With the global pandemic, things are now different. Expectations are different, and operations have changed as a result.

What exactly does this look like?

Before the Coronavirus pandemic fully took hold of Australia, expectations had already started to shift. Members suddenly began to demand constant cleaning down of equipment, less sharing of props and accessories, and the use of hospital-grade sanitisation products.

And, guess what? These demands will only grow from here!

We don't hug or shake hands as a way of greeting anymore, and we are more conscious of personal space. You can see how much more focus is being placed on the cleanliness of gyms!

So instead of waiting for your members to ask, get ahead of the game.

Expectations now include:

  • Hourly clean downs of all shared equipment
  • Regular hospital-grade cleans of your entire gym
  • Constant availability of hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes
  • Use of hospital-grade cleaning products to properly kill and eliminate any germs or viruses
  • Social distancing and adequate space between members when training
  • Equipment wiped down regularly to remove any sweat, fluids or germs left behind by the person who last used it
  • Staff to be well-trained and knowledgeable about cleaning best practices and safety of members
  • Regular cleaning of toilet and shower facilities using the strongest cleaning products and disinfectants available.

Don’t just meet the expectations of your members, go above and beyond. It’s what will make your members feel safe and confident to return to their training (and resume their payments!!) sooner.